What Type of Lawyer Would Tape a Client?

What Type of Lawyer Would Tape a Client? by Chris McDonoughChris McDonough Esq. 

At 5:34 am on July 25, 2018, a certain someone raised the above question upon learning that his personal lawyer had taped at least one conversation they had. The media responded by stating that New York is a ‘one person consent’ state, and thus the taping was legal. But was it ethical?

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Retainer Games

Chris McDonough Esq.
Foley Griffin LLP

Retainer Games by Chris McDonough

As a regular part of my practice, I draft retainers for law firms. I usually ask the client what they want to achieve with the retainer and begin drafting from there. Required information includes fee basis, tasks included, tasks excluded and the necessary clauses (no guarantee, arbitration notice, statement of client rights, right to terminate, etc.).  

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