Professional Services

Our services for attorneys

  • Appellate Division Grievance Committee and Disciplinary Proceeding Defense
  • Bar Association Grievance Defense
  • Fee Disputes
  • Ethics Opinions
  • Risk Management
  • Consulting on Grievances, Law Firm Matters, Criminal Charges, Etc.
  • Law School Disciplinary Defense
  • Character and Fitness Matters
  • Appeals of Grievances and Disciplinary Proceeding Sanctions
  • Readmission Applications and Representation

Our office undertakes most matters related to the practice of law.

Many of our clients are lawyers facing all levels of attorney grievances, attorney disciplinary proceedings, criminal charges, and fee disputes with clients and between lawyers. We offer appellate representation of grievance decisions and disciplinary sanctions at all levels.

We also are on general retainer to firms requiring prompt access to ethics guidance, and  consult on and mediate partnership disputes, firm formation and dissolutions, and other management issues facing law firms.

We represent law students with various disciplinary issues while in school, and law graduates facing Character and Fitness and bar admission challenges.

We also represent suspended and disbarred attorneys with their applications for reinstatement and Character and Fitness hearings.

We represent clients throughout New York State, with offices on Long Island and in Manhattan.

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