Character & Fitness

Do you have or anticipate problems applying for admission?

Our firm has assisted many law graduates with successful applications for admission.

We have successfully represented many applicants with Character and Fitness hearings. Many issues can trigger Character and Fitness scrutiny and problems.

We have represented applicants with:

  • criminal records
  • warrants
  • civil judgments
  • dependency issues
  • school disciplinary records
  • failing to fully disclose on law school applications
  • misrepresentations on law school applications, and
  • many other types of problems.

“Hi, Chris.

I was admitted this morning. The interview was relatively straightforward and painless and ran pretty much how you said it would. I’m hoping that I won’t be needing your services in the future but I will be sure to recommend you to anyone that does.

Thank you very much for your help and guidance throughout this process– it’s been invaluable.

Thank you and all that best,


“I did it thanks to you : )  I am forever grateful sir.  



I just took the oath this afternoon for the New York bar and it is now official. Thanks for all your help along the way during this lengthy and stressful process.

Take care,

Derek H”